Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rake's Corner Map concept

Here's the starting point for the Rake's Corner Map. Each square = 2 inches. There's a canal (blue), and two types of roadways (gray): 3" alleys, and 4" streets with 1" sidewalks on either side (6" together).

Rake's Corner is something like the Five Points. The locals are vicious to each other, so you can just imagine how they treat strangers. The town watch is afraid to patrol there. The lawlessness breeds vice, graft and murder.

Anyhoo-- I'd like to add an open space somewhere, a market square. Where would you want to see it? Just tell me northwest, southeast, something like that. I'll figure out what you mean.

And should I dare to add some angled streets? How important is it that the textures conform to the 1" grid?

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