Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Return to the Cobblestone Streets Map #2

I'm taking a break from my Library model to revive this project. The only thing I could salvage was the curbstones layer, but that's better than starting all over from zero. To make the working files manageable, I reduced the resolution to 200dpi, which is probably what I would have ended up doing with the final map anyway. I'm using a different type of street paving than the one I did before. I've added a bunch of detailing and weathering on the streets -- dung, drains, rubbish, discoloration, pitting, wagon tracks, cracks. I'll post a work-in-progress shot a little later.

So I'm just about done with the streets textures and will start on the "empty lots" textures next -- I can probably do that in a day. I'm hoping to have this ready to release this Thursday, and then I'll get back to work on the Library. We'll see! (I may still hit my PC's memory limits before this map is complete, but I'm hopeful.)

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