Saturday, March 23, 2013

Country Brewery work begins

I started working on a new model, just a few hours after publishing my last one. I'm on a roll, apparently.

The Country Brewery is one that I've had in the back of my mind for a while, and folks have mentioned their interest in something like this ever since I hinted that I might design one.

Right now I'm still working out the geometry, and I do everything in 2D to start with, so even I won't know what it really looks like until I assemble my first test model. But it's looking good so far. I'm going to include some fun 3D details to make it really interesting and quirky, which is something that has worked for me before with big models like the West Gate and the Inventor's House.

My inspiration for this model comes partly from the Greenberry Tavern in Corvallis, Oregon. It's a watering hole a couple of miles up the road from where I live. It has a funky shape and a certain vibe that always draws my eye when I pass it (I've only stopped in twice, not much of a drinker...). I may ask the owners if I can take some photos of the red-painted walls and some other features and incorporate those into the Country Brewery.

Anyway, nothing to show yet, but I'll post pictures of my progress, as it happens!

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