Friday, February 7, 2014

Steampunk Workshop No. 1

Alrighty, here are some views of my new model kit. These images are "3D mockups" based on actual photos of the white paper test model, although they might look like 3D models. (This paper model has never seen the inside of a 3D modeling program. I did it all in 2D in Photoshop, including these images.)

You can probably see how this will make a perfectly serviceable fantasy/medieval model by leaving off some of the gribblies. The "T"-looking objects will be pipes/conduits leading up from the ground into some machinery (fans, piping, gears, whatnot). There's a stack of cordwood, and an automatic bellows, and two chimneys because steampunk. I'm guessing this is some sort of workshop.

Anybody want to name this thing? I'm okay with "Steampunk Workshop No. 1" but maybe there's something better.

If this design doesn't seem steampunk enough, that's all right. I'm easing into this sort of thing.

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